Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Welcome to the blog for WaterWorks!

OK, I am such a technophobe! Really. It has taken me - what? - 6 months to work out how (relatively) easy it was to create a blog for WaterWorks. I'm like an ostrich. But it's here.

To all our WaterWorks instructors, this space is YOURS! Air your views, whether good or bad. (I hope we can handle this! I'm not sure if I've opened a can of worms here!)

Both Jenny and I really want to create a WaterWorks community as we all start to deliver top-notch, effective aqua aerobics classes with focus, structure and coaching across the country...

If you're having problems, please share. Are you getting resistance from the traditional aqua ladies? Tell us! Jen and I may not have the answer, but someone else might...

You guys have already 'caught the wave of change' - now ride it! (OMG! How bad does that sound? LOL!)

Damon :))


  1. This is a great idea, Damon! Cool! I'm gonna share my WaterWorks experiences! I hope that's OK! I taught my first class last week. It was awesome! Everyone left on a complete high. They had never worked so hard in the pool before, ha! Looking forward to next week, Jean! xx

  2. Haha last part of the post actually made me laugh out loud! Im definitely saying that in my WaterWorks class tonight!