Wednesday, 18 August 2010

My first WaterWorks experience

What was it like the first time you taught WaterWorks? Were you completely new to the swimming pool environment? Perhaps you'd never taught a class before, because you're a swimming teacher. How did the regular 'aqua ladies' take to WaterWorks?

We'd love to hear about your experiences: your nerves, your exhaustion - and hopefully your exhilaration!
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  1. This was my experience of the second class I taught. I had spies everywhere. The manager watched the first 3 tracks, the Body Pump class came to the window as the instructor said with me and them jumping and spinning it was like a firework display. They thought it looked fun. Similar comments from the people in spin too and I was completely unaware of them.
    A friend of mine came and really enjoyed it and several people came up at the end and said they had too. The 'old ladies' though looked less convinced. I had been able to turn the music up (no swimming lessons on I had been told to turn the music down before because of that in case it upset the children) but still a very 'thin' music system. The microphone was muffled and a couple of them complained about that. I had said that at the beginning it was and that I would be using visual cues too and they agreed they had been able to follow. My friend became a spy in the changing room. The moans she heard were again about the microphone and well that's just aqua under another name - which of course it is. So if that's all they had to moan about I think that's pretty good. I lot of them were 60+ and ++
    I used the noodles on Fri and hand 'weights' the next day. I think for me the hand weights worked better but I need to cue better how to position them in the ab track. As people couldn't hear me very well I didn't feel I could have everyone facing in on the running track and just got them to run to me - which worked ok. I thought if I jumped in I would be completely lost. It's a huge pool and the class was busy.
    I really enjoyed myself but probably need to pull back more on the physical execution. I experienced that buzz that I haven't felt since I taught combat and was on a high for most of the day. I don't get that from pump and certainly not from Balance, Pilates or fitness yoga. The choreography is fine now, it's just the size of the pool and working that area. I felt if I moved down one end while working from the front I would be such a long way away from those at the other end and I couldn’t hear the music.

  2. Hey People,

    Well waterworks for me is getting exciting now.

    To start of with i did have people moan, but that was just because they were used to there old style aqua and with there old instructor. and didnt like change.

    I now have a lovely bunch of people in all my classes and they are all loving it. whoo hooo!!