Tuesday, 17 August 2010

WaterWorks release 1 - music - what did ya think?

With WaterWorks  I want to make the music inspiring, motivating and well, fabulous! What did you think of WW1? What did your participants think? What would you like to hear in the future? Suggestions welcomed! :))


  1. Hello. Caz here! Sorry i havent got a Googlemail thing yet so I'm anonymous. Well, I loved the music: good variety. And my class love it too. I think the best thing for them is the moves fit the music and you can actually stay on the beat in the water. Ive been teaching aqua for years and no matter what I did some moves fit the 126 bpm, but others didnt!! Now it works!

    Would love some Usher! xx byeeee

  2. Hi Damon. It's John. Well, like you said I'm getting bored of Cher HA! but it's been a great mix of music. EVERYONE likes Justin Timberlake, even me old girls... more along those lines would be good.
    I like the house dance. But how about Freemasons?

  3. I still like the Cher song :) I can picture her performing Believe on TOTP in her white tights!

    From what I have heard of future music, the progression is going well! Personally I would like some McFly, but I don't know how many people would agree with me here!

    I can also picture'Its raining men' as a peak track,
    ...Sing this in your head...
    'Its raining men' (symbol clash in the music, -jump with big arms or tuck jump)
    'Halleluigha' (jog ots)
    'Its raining men' (symbol clash- jump again)
    'Amen' (jog)
    'Tall, blonde dark and lean' (spotty dog)

    Does that make any sense?